Independent Doctors Association as associate partners

To manage to meet the health care need for everyone we need to join forces and work together. PREP is a small project, but its impact increases by the great network that is evolving and by everyone who share their enthusiams and goals for a better world. Today, a new organisations joined the network and project and we are excited and honoured to get this opportunity to work together with Independent Doctors Association, IDA. IDA is an international independent NGO started by Syrian medical doctors from Aleppo in response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. IDA is headquartered in Gaziantep, Turkey, and has a logistics hub in Kilis. IDA employs more than 640 people in northern Syria, from medical personnel to logistic teams. PREP is now collaborating with the physiotherapy department of the organisation. They have two PT clinics that offer service for free. These are situated in Gaziantep and Kilis in Turkey. Staff from IDA will share their experience and knowledge with us for our course, and we also hope that this network can more collaborations between organisations and educational institutions that can provide custom-made protheses. More information will come.