Newsletter 1-2020

Covid situation
We are all affected by the extreme and special situation we are in these days, and we once again see the urgent need of caring for refugees and migrants in a far better way than we manage today. Being more prepared to give good service to refugees and migrants in their new countries is a small step, but we believe it is a step in the correct direction. We strongly support and ask for the European countries to take a larger responsibility to give a new and safe home to our brothers and sisters in the refugee camps.

Content development project
Several people have contacted us and offered their contributions to the project. We are very happy and honoured for everyone that get in touch, this is important for the project! Therefore, Physiopedia has set up a content development project for PREP. The concept is that anyone can make content and upload to a Physiopedia based page. The content that is uploaded will be reviewed and made open available and a part of the PREP course. If you want to contribute via this project, or read more about it, please follow this link:

Collaborations with projects and organisations
The network with other erasmus+ projects and organisations is increasing. We are now three sister eramsus+ projects working together: TCNurse, InterAct and PREP. By working together we can share material and ideas, we can get a more interprofessional role and the impact of what we do gets larger. We have also been teaming up with Envronmental Physiotherapy Association, OTEurope and University of Antwerp who are now associate partners to the project.

PREP project meeting
In April the PREP project group were supposed to meet in Bergen, Norway, to work on the PREP course that will be starting January 18th 2021. We could not meet in person, but zoom and Teams saved us and we got to have some fruitful workshops. We are happy to say that the project can continue as planned.