Meet the researchers: Øystein Røsseland Kvinge

Øystein Kvinge is Associate Professor in music at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. In this post, you will get to know him and his recent work, as a teacher educator, researcher and performing artist. Happy easter to all of our readers, hope you are safe and well! Hello, I am Øystein Kvinge At … Read more

FUTURED researchers at the NNRME 2021

Early March 2021, the Nordic Network for Research in Music Education (NNRME) arranged an online virtual conference. The conference was hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the theme was Qualities in Music Education Practice and Research. Three important topics were raised by prominent researchers in our field. First, Professor Monica Lindgren, … Read more

News from WP3: Developing collaborative, innovative and interactive music education practices

The researchers in work package 3 are currently busy with data generation and analysis. Work package 3 aims at developing collaborative, innovative and interactive music education practices together with schools. Researchers Kari Holdhus and Catharina Christophersen have finished generating data in the music classroom in study 5. They have collaborated with a musician, three teachers, … Read more

News from WP1: Mapping student’s backgrounds, attitudes, aspirations and values

In Work package 1, Study 1, researcher Eyolf Nysæther has conducted a questionnaire survey distributed to all students in Norway undertaking a music education program in the 5-year general teacher education. The aim is to map their background, motivation, attitudes, values and aspirations for professional life. The response rate is high and the data gives … Read more

News from WP1: Looking for values in curriculum plans

Researchers in Work package 1, Study 2, are looking at how current values and ideologies are embedded in guiding documents. Jan Sverre Knudsen and Silje Valde Onsrud have collected local education plans for music in generalist teacher education. So far, more than 60 plans have been collected from all Norwegian institutions providing this training. The … Read more