The FUTURED conference 19-20 October 2022

The FUTURED team has studied the music subject in Norwegian teacher education, both mapping the current situation, developing spaces for critical reflexivity and agency as well as developing educational practices in collaboration with pre- and in-service music teachers.

The research project ends late 2022, and we mark this occasion with two open seminar days directed at discussing teacher education both from a national and international perspective.

The first day event will be a physical seminar directed at teacher educators, teachers and pre-service teachers in Norway. The seminar will be held in Norwegian. The FUTURED team will share findings from the project and engage participants and stakeholders in a joint learning jam about teacher education. See first day program and registration here.

The second day event is an open and free international research seminar. The seminar will be hybrid, including on-site as well as digital participation. The FUTURED team will share findings from our research, invited distinguished scholars will share their reflections on the FUTURED results and perspectives, and seminar participants will be invited to engage in a conversation about teacher education in music. See second day program and registration here.

The program will be updated in august 2022.