Webinar about the future for music teacher education in Norway

September 16, 2021, the FUTURED project hosted an online webinar for music education researchers, educators, preservice teachers, teachers in school and others concerned about the future for music teacher education. The aim was to initiate a research-based discussion about development and change. The webinar was organized in collaboration with the Department of Arts Education (Western Norway University … Read more

Upcoming FUTURED webinar in September

In September, the FUTURED project will arrange an online webinar in collaboration with the Department of Arts Education (Western Norway University of Applied Education), Oslo Metropolitan University and The National Centre for Arts and Culture in Education. We aim at bringing together researchers, teachers, educators, students and others interested in music teacher education to initiate … Read more

Successful webinar in May

For two days in May 2020, the entire team of researchers, guest researchers, scientific advisory board members and steering group from the FUTURED project were invited to a seminar in Bergen. However, as a consequence of the corona-situation, the leaders of the overall project decided to transform the planned event into a webinar. Through a … Read more