A new podcast presenting results from the FUTURED project

In August 2023 a new podcast is being launched at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. It is called MusikkPedPodden (the music education podcast), and will mainly be in Norwegian, though a few episodes will be in English.

The trailer for the podcast is already available here: https://feeds.transistor.fm/musikkped-podden

This will be a podcast were current issues in the field of music education research will be presented and discussed. The first episodes will cover themes from the FUTURED project, while in the continuing researchers from other projects will be invited to present what they have found.

The editors, leading some episodes each, are:

  • Catharina Christophersen
  • Silje Valde Onsrud
  • Kari Holdhus
  • Øystein Kvinge

Each episode will have invited guests to contribute with input from their latest research. New episodes will be published every second week.