Debate on Future Arts Education Competencies

Monday August 15., FUTURED’s researcher Kari Holdhus participated in a panel at Norway’s Number One discussion forum, Arendalsuka (The Arendal week), where politicians, educators and social organisations gather to discuss and debate societal and cultural issues for a whole week. This particular debate centred around which competencies that will be necessary for future schooling in the arts subjects – within and outside of schools.

Kari Holdhus and moderator Anders Rønningen (Photo: Egil Hofsli)

There were four panellists, one rector of a municipal school of music and performing arts, one higher education representative, one politician, and Kari, who had been invited as a researcher. The panellists were asked about their future expectations of educational needs. More breadth in artistic subjects and accessibility for all was a theme, and so was flexibility to develop new courses in teacher education and arts education. In line with FUTURED findings, Kari pointed out equity as an approach to student agency and rights regarding the shaping of their own education, and she elaborated on how enhanced student agency may trigger changes in approaches to teaching, and hence to teacher education. The discussion was facilitated by the Norwegian council for schools of music and performing arts

Moderator Anders Rønningen and the four panelists at Arendalsuka (Photo: Egil Hofsli)