FUTURED-contribution on the NNRME Conference 2022

Catharina Christophersen and Silje Valde Onsrud from the FUTURED project contributed to a research symposium at the Nordic Network for Research in Music Education Conference 2022 online. The theme of the symposium was “Change in/for future Nordic music teacher education”. Researchers from two other external funded projects took part:

  1. The project “Reviewing on whose terms? Assessment, conceptions of quality and legitimation of attainment test to music teacher education” managed by Monica Lindgren and funded by the Swedish Research Council (2018-2021), and
  2. The project “Arts Equal” managed by Heidi Westerlund and funded by the Finnish Research Council (completed in 2021).

Cecilia Ferm Almqvist commented upon the presentations from each project followed by a fruitful discussion about change for music teacher education in the Nordic countries.