Silje Meling Bjørnevoll’s midway evaluation

8 June 2022 the midway evaluation of Silje Meling Bjørnevoll’s Ph.D. project was arranged by the doctoral program Studies of Bildung and Pedagogical Practices at HVL. The Ph.D. project is a case study of the practice education of a group of four music students in the five-year general teacher education program in Norway. Observations of field practice and focus group interviews with the students took place during the two last years of their education. The study particularly focuses on how the students experienced developing their teacher agency through teaching practice in the last phase of their education.

In time for the midway evaluation, Silje had completed all Ph.D. courses and data collection, and submitted the first out of three articles. The opponents of the evaluation were professor in English didactics Tony Burns form USN and professor in music education Live Weider Ellefsen from INN.