FUTURED researchers represented at music education conference in Uganda

Late April 2021, FUTURED researchers Bendik Fredriksen and Hanne Rinholm presented results from their ongoing study at the third biannual music education conference in Kampala, Uganda. The conference is part of an ongoing international collaboration project between the music departments at OsloMet and Kyambogo University in Kampala. Due to the pandemic, the conference was held … Read more

FUTURED researchers at the NNRME 2021

Early March 2021, the Nordic Network for Research in Music Education (NNRME) arranged an online virtual conference. The conference was hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the theme was Qualities in Music Education Practice and Research. Three important topics were raised by prominent researchers in our field. First, Professor Monica Lindgren, … Read more

Relation-centered education: Origins, rationale and possible importance for music teacher education

This text is written by Professor Kari Holdhus, who is a researcher in the FUTURED WP3. She introduced the topic of relational pedagogy to the FUTURED #TextImmersion group, which led to this blog post. Relational educators often approve of thoughts stemming from psychologist Kenneth Gergen’s 2009 book Relational Being, of which he writes: After placing … Read more