Meet the researchers: Monica Lindgren

Monica Lindgren (PhD) is professor of music education and the head of research and postgraduate education within music and arts education at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg. She has a background as a music teacher in elementary education and municipal school of music and arts as well as teacher … Read more

Meet the researchers: Jon Helge Sætre

Jon Helge Sætre is Associate Professor in music education at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH). He is also the director of CEMPE, the NMH Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education. Jon Helge worked as a teacher educator for many years at Oslo Metropolitan University, and he has a background as a performing musician … Read more

FUTURED researchers at the NNRME 2021

Early March 2021, the Nordic Network for Research in Music Education (NNRME) arranged an online virtual conference. The conference was hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the theme was Qualities in Music Education Practice and Research. Three important topics were raised by prominent researchers in our field. First, Professor Monica Lindgren, … Read more

Relation-centered education: Origins, rationale and possible importance for music teacher education

This text is written by Professor Kari Holdhus, who is a researcher in the FUTURED WP3. She introduced the topic of relational pedagogy to the FUTURED #TextImmersion group, which led to this blog post. Relational educators often approve of thoughts stemming from psychologist Kenneth Gergen’s 2009 book Relational Being, of which he writes: After placing … Read more

Meet the researchers: Jan Sverre Knudsen

Jan Sverre Knudsen is Professor of music at the Institute of Early Childhood Education, Oslo Metropolitan University. Before his academic career he worked as a music therapist in special education and as a social worker in youth psychiatry. His research interests are related to various sub-disciplines of current musicology: music therapy, ethnomusicology, music education and … Read more

Policy as practice: the FUTURED #TextImmersion group meets Patrick Schmidt

This autumn, researchers from both OsloMet and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences have met regularly on Fridays to immerse themselves in texts and theories concerning central topics related to the three FUTURED work packages. A major contribution to our discussion  on music education and policy has been a recently published book written by Professor … Read more

Meet the researchers: Silje Valde Onsrud

Silje Valde Onsrud works as an Associate professor in music education at the Department of Arts Education at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has previously worked as the director for the Centre for Arts, Culture, and Communication at the Faculty of Teacher Education, Arts, and Sports. In her current work, she teaches and … Read more

Meet the researchers: Catharina Christophersen

We are very happy to introduce our readers to the researchers in the FUTURED project. First out is Professor Catharina Christophersen, project initiator and leader from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. How did you get involved with the FUTURED project?  I have always been interested in critical and educational research, in particular the way … Read more

FUTURED kick-off seminar

The FUTURED kick-off seminar took place in Bergen September 9-10 at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Excellently led by the FUTURED leaders and researchers, everyone involved in the project met for discussions on important topics from each work package and the project as a whole.