PREP Students

PREPStudent Network

As students, you are the change makers in the society.

Here, you will have the opportunity to discuss, meet other students and get your own network of international health professional students. The network will officially start by 01.01.2020, if you are interested in joining, please send an e-mail to:

Are you interested in being a part of the board of the PREPStudent network? At this point the network has these board members:

Maria Kolås, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Martine Indra Torsdagsøy Kvale, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

William Hale, University of Birmingham
“‘I am currently completing my MSc in Physiotherapy at The University of Birmingham and due to start as a qualified physio summer 2020. My interest in physiotherapy for refugees has come from a volunteering experience at St Chad’s Sanctuary in Birmingham, UK in which I was able to see both refugee’s newly arriving in the UK and the continuing long term support needed in adapting to life in the UK. I feel the PREP is an invaluable opportunity to learn from experts in the field and an exciting time to be apart of a newly forming course.”

Planned conferences

PREP festival in Nijmegen (Netherlands) and Bergen (Norway) in november / december 2020. We might also arrange this in Stockholm and Dublin. More information will come

PREP conference: We would like to welcome you to the first PREP international conference in June 2021. Exact date will be presented here. The conference will be arranged in Brussels or Antwerpen.