PREP Network

In the PREP Network everyone intersted in education for health care professionals and equity in health can join.

The network consist of the initial project group and all others who are interested. Initially, it started as a student network, but is from 2021 a common network to continue the work and discussions within the PREP project.

If you ar interested in joining, please send us an e-mail, or visit us at twitter, linkedIn or facebook.

Network board
William Hale, University of Birmingham, co-ordinator of the network
“‘I am currently completing my MSc in Physiotherapy at The University of Birmingham and due to start as a qualified physio summer 2020. My interest in physiotherapy for refugees has come from a volunteering experience at St Chad’s Sanctuary in Birmingham, UK in which I was able to see both refugee’s newly arriving in the UK and the continuing long term support needed in adapting to life in the UK. I feel the PREP is an invaluable opportunity to learn from experts in the field and an exciting time to be apart of a newly forming course.”

Nika Lekovsek, Alma Mater University, Slovenia.
“I am greatly interested in public health and how to, as a physiotherapist, help people re-discover what their bodies are capable. My second interest is working with refugees, or I rather say, people, coming from a different culture, where movement is of even lesser value than for us Europeans. Im involved in the MINT project, where we focus on children with an immigrant background”. 

Franziska Grünberg-Lemli, physiotherapist, Germany

Esra Alagöz, physiotherapist at Independent Doctor’s Association, Turkey

Regina Escher, physiotherpist, Germany

Whitney Eaden, physiotherapy student, Australia

Planned conferences

We are attending the digital International week at HAN University, 3rd – 5th of February 2021.

PREP conference: We would like to welcome you to the first PREP international conference 25th -26th of June 2021. The conference will be digital with several local meetings.