Project results

The PREP project have a number of tangible and non-tangible results. We hope we have managed to raise awareness and curiousity – although it is not so easy to measure and place on a plate.

These are our more tangible results. We hope you find some of this useful, and if you do – please spread!!

Scoping review, McGowan et al 2020:

Consensus report on competencies for physiotherapists working with refugees

Article about trauma-informed care, Kvale and KolÄs 2020 (in Norwegian)

Article on collaboration to build competence in rehabilitation of torture survivors, Alme et al, 2021

Curriculum for the PREP course

Editorial paper, Landry et al, 2020

Refugees and Rehabilitation: Our Fight Against the “Globalization of Indifference” – PubMed (

PREP E-book (based on the course)

Link to PREP course on canvas commons (might not open if your institution does not use canvas)

Participate in our PREP course 2021/2022. It starts at November 15th, but it is a self-paced course and you can join when you want.