In the sub-project Argumentation and ICT we will investigate:

  • How can preservice teachers’ learning about how to use ICT help develop argumentation for Critical Mathematics education?
  • How do preservice teachers support school students in developing multimodal argumentation with ICT in multilingual math classrooms?

With the government introducing programming as part of mathematics in the new Norwegian school curriculum, the sub-project narrow its emphasis on to programming and how it can be connected to mathematical argumentation and critical demographic competence. As identified in our publications, it is clear that most preservice teachers arrive at their teacher education with little if any knowledge of programming. Therefore, we have engaged with our collaboration schools to develop understandings about how preservice teachers can introduce programming to school students and show the connections to mathematics.

Rune Herheim Poster presentation of work in progress from November 2019
Tamsin Meaney
Inge Olav Hauge Poster presentation for work in progress from November 2019
Elena Severina
Anders Grov Nilsen
Nils Henry Rasmussen Poster presentation of work in progress November 2019
Erik Eikeland
Martine Rekstad

Diana Paola Piedra Moreno Poster presentation of work in progress from November 2019

Master students:
Kristine Røgelstad
Emilie Torheim Andal
Martine Rekstad
Madelene Kjøde Aarsheim
Julie Kristine Engen
Fredrik Eidsvåg

Exploration of division and remainders with text-based programming

Marthina Sæthre Vahedian

Oda Åbø Pettersen

Matematisk argumentasjon og programmering
Tonje Lindberg
Elevers matematiske kompetanse gjennom programmering

Updated 28.09.2021